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Therapist Near Me

Find a Local Therapist Near Me Who

Offers Telehealth Services

If you are looking for a therapist near me in Littleton, CO., then you can reach out to us at Clarity Counseling Services. Our therapist and counselor, Megan Franklin, listens carefully to her patients and works with them to overcome the issues that they’re struggling with. The truth is that everyone has times when they can use a helping hand to better understand themselves and the ways they can make decisions that positively impact their lives. We offer treatments such as goal setting, CBT, DBT and others, so that you can start focusing on taking action and reducing problems in your life. We offer Telehealth sessions as well as a free 15-minute consultation, so you can get started right away. We know it can be hard to get away from home or the office, which is why we offer our Telehealth services. Call us today at 720-507-4437 to speak with us about therapy session options.

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