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Counseling Near Me

Where Can I Find Counseling Near Me in Littleton?

If you are looking for counseling near me, you may want to call us at Clarity Counseling Services. Our licensed professional counselor (MA, LPC), Megan Franklin, works with our patients to help them understand their situations and to properly manage and express their emotions. Mental health is important to us at Clarity Counseling. We know that depression or anxiety can cause more than a bad day. We want to help our patients with treatments such as dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, goal coaching and other methods. We know that not everyone is the same or responds to the same treatments. That’s why we focus on getting to know you and devise a specialized treatment place. Call us at 720-507-4437 to learn more about our services including Telehealth sessions and a free 15-minute consultation. We are happy to say we are in network with Medicaid and Aetna insurances.

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